At Health and Safety Solutions Ltd we offer a range of services:

Health and Safety Solutions Ltd produce client-specific Safety Management Systems that comply with HSG 65 and enable employers to manage the health and safety risks associated with their work activities. The management systems are tailored to fit the individual organisation and include:

  • A safety policy and employee handbook specifying the company’s objectives, organisation and arrangements for complying with applicable safety requirements
  • Risk assessments of work activities and specific hazards to identify the necessary workplace precautions
  • Risk control schedules and record forms to enable the necessary precautions to be implemented on a day-to-day basis
  • Annual audits to evaluate the level of compliance with applicable safety requirements and to agree any action to address any significant areas of non-compliance.

The management system is based on either a single part or a four part manual which is tailored to your specific requirements taking into account the scale, extent and nature of your business operations.

We also offer training in both IOSH and SPA courses. A summary of our approach:

  • We deliver our training in a friendly and entertaining manner that makes the experience interesting and enjoyable.
  • Training delivered by highly experienced NEBOSH qualified trainers.
  • Maximum class size is 6 to ensure all delegates get the support they need.
  • Over 10 years experience in delivering IOSH-approved training courses and 6 years experience of delivering SPA safety passport training courses.
  • We guarantee to run advertised courses – we will not cancel courses if they are poorly subscribed.
  • All prices quoted are inclusive of registration fees, workbooks, certificates / passports, lunches and refreshments.

Employers are not only required to prepare policies and the resources necessary to implement them, but they must also monitor the implementation and effectiveness of their safety policies throughout their organisations.

Health and Safety Solutions can assist with safety performance monitoring in a variety of ways, ranging from the preparation of electronic quantified self audit systems to programmes of site safety inspections undertaken by NEBOSH qualified staff.

Risk Assessment
Employers are required to assess the significant risks to which their employers and others are exposed as a result of the work activities. Risk assessments should identify the precautions which if implemented would reduce the risks associated with work activities to acceptable levels. HSSL can provide training and forms to enable your employees to undertake risk general and specific risk assessments. We also can assist in undertaking assessments by providing manpower or specialist equipment to quantify the level of risk from specific hazards i.e.

  • Forces required to manually handle loads
  • Levels of noise to which employees are exposed
  • Levels of airborne gases, vapours and dusts
  • Levels of lighting in the workplace

An organisations safety policy should specify it’s objectives for health and safety performance, assign responsibilities for health and contain the procedures which if implemented would enable the organisation to comply with the requirements of applicable safety legislation. Our policies are tailored to fit an organisations particular requirements. They are concise containing only those safety arrangements that are applicable to the organisations activities and our policies are designed to be implemented on a day to day basis.