Health & Safety Solutions Ltd provide a range of services designed to help employers:

  • Protect their employees and others from the health and safety risks associated with their work activities;
  • Minimise the insured and uninsured costs of accidents and ill-health at work; and
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety requirements that apply to their work activities.

Health & Safety Solutions is a safety consultancy. The quality of advice offered by safety consultants varies due to many factors. These factors are explained in the HSE’s guidance below:

Getting specialist help with health and safety.

We strongly recommend that employers read this guidance to ensure that they require the assistance of a consultant and that the consultants they do appoint are competent to provide safety advice in their particular business sector.

Above are a few examples of the organisations we advise.

As part of our ongoing service, we also publish a newsletter. The latest version can be found here.